Millions of people don’t know they’re a carer – are you?

If you are, you could get practical and emotional support that could really take the weight of your shoulders. You may be looking after someone who’s ill, disabled or has health/ substance abuse problems. You might be doing their laundry, feeding them, medicating, or helping in the bathroom, all unpaid. Before you can get support, you’ll need a carer’s assessment.

Maybe you’re:

  • an adult carer (adults who care for other adults)
  • a parent carer (adult who cares for a child with disability or illness)
  • a young carer (someone under 18 who cares for someone like a parent or sibling)

Contact London Borough of Hounslow for an assessment today.
Telephone 020 8583 3100, or email for an assessment here.

Alternatively, you can complete a Carer’s Needs Assessment online using Autonomy. Find out more about Autonomy.

Find out more about carer’s assessment on the Carers UK website

If you are a carer, there’s plenty of support available for you from London borough of Hounslow  and organisations like Hestia – Hounslow LIFE.

Get support if you’re someone who cares for a relative or friend:

  • Practical support establishing your needs, training and learning opportunities
  • Carers’ forums discover and share information with other carers in your area
  • Emergency cover support if something happens to you or the person you care for


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