Games people play in health

Self referral poster

We are really excited to share that our practice is doing some really innovative work to help improve the service we provide you. We are working with research partners and other healthcare providers to improve the outcomes and service you have from the practice. We will be using the principles of Game Theory, which is mathematical modelling to explain behaviour to improve outcomes for patients and staff and provide you with a better service.

We will start work on 3 areas to begin with and will have appropriate use of technology to dramatically improve the service we provide.

Medical Reports. 

We understand that it is important for you to get your reports quickly and you find delays frustrating. As a result we would like you to encourage you to request your report online, upload any relevant documents and our clinicians will review it and respond to any messages you may have. We can reduce the time taken to turn reports around from 4 weeks to just a few days. We will email you the report and if a payment is required this can be made online.

Minor Ailments.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion or are just not sure where to turn to. There are so may places who can provide you with help and it’s confusing – even for us! So we are going to share places where you can make your own referral and we are working on a new technology where you can just say how you are feeling, in your own words and it will give you advice and support. Watch this space.

Self referral poster

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Self referral


Chronic Diseases. 

If you have a long term illness we understand that your needs are likely to be way beyond your medical needs and you may require support around social matters eg housing, employment, getting out to new places and make new friends and as well as support around diet and exercise designed to meet your needs. This is something we are hoping to support you with in the coming months. Supporting the whole you is likely to result in better health.

Exciting times! We’re on this journey together – so if you have any ideas please do share.

Applying Game theory framework in healthcare in a new concept and we are very excited to seeing the outcomes. We think it will result in better outcomes for both patients and clinicians.

Here is a short video which outlines a bit more along with a competition for which we were runners up!

Problems parking?

Brenda +Brian car parking
We know some of our patients have been having trouble parking. Can we please remind you that due to construction work the current Alexandra Road and Holloway Street car parks are closed.
The closest alternative car parks are:
The Blenheim Centre (ASDA) – next door to Firstcare – (362 spaces, 20 disabled spaces, 16 parent & child and 4 shop-mobility parking).
– Treaty Centre (648 spaces including 17 disabled spaces) – it’s a 4 min walk from Firstcare.
– Blue Badge Holders also have access to parking on Balfour Road & Montague Rd.
So if you’re driving to your appointment, please make sure you have left extra time for parking!

Remember though that the disruption to parking will be worth it in the end – at High Street Quarter Hounslow there’ll be loads of new facilities:

  • A new town square
  • 525 high-quality homes
  • A multiplex cinema
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Recreational spaces for communal use
  • Performance and event space
  • A secure, underground car park with 250 public spaces and 260 residential spaces