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There are lots of resources for carers in the Hounslow borough.

Hounslow Council publishes a regular factsheet called Information for Carers. It lists local, national and council services, voluntary organisations and other sources of advice and support that may be useful if you look after someone as their carer.

The factsheet includes information on:

  • National organisations and Helplines
  • Carer Peer Support Groups
  • Physical and Mental Health services
  • Help with practical caring tasks
  • Getting out and about
  • Activities and befriending
  • Work, money and legal advice

Here it is: Information-for-Carers

For plenty of other info:

Do you care for someone?

Dementia – all you need to know…


Dementia – all you need to know…

Dementia UK cover

Dementia UK has LOADS of useful information on what dementia is and how you can get support if you have dementia, or care for someone who does.

What is dementia?

Getting a diagnosis…

What support is out there?

What is an Admiral Nurse?

How can you make your home dementia friendly?

Tips for better communication

What is sundowning?

Planning for the future – lasting power of attorneys

Grief, bereavement and loss

Contact and donations


How can you support Dementia UK?

For more information take a look at Dementia UK’s website dementia uk’s website