How you can treat yourself…

Every year, lots of GP appointments are for illnesses that you can actually treat yourself, without having to see a doctor!

You can buy medicines for these illnesses over the counter from a pharmacy or supermarket.  If we all had the correct information on what these illnesses are, we’d be able to save the NHS a huge amount of money, which could be spent on other things like nurses or cancer treatment.

OTC medicines

Have a look at this guide on Over the Counter (‘OTC’) medicines by clicking on the image below:

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How can you treat yourself?

There is a handy list the NHS has made, of 33 illnesses that can be treated using over the counter medicines. Take a look at this guide…

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Getting online – prescriptions

Prescriptions infographic

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Because of a local scheme to try to reduce the large amount of wasted medication, from March your pharmacy will no longer be able to accept prescription requests from you. The best way to order your repeat prescription is to get online!

Here is a short video walking you through how to request a repeat prescription online…


For more information regarding the scheme to reduce medication waste, look at Healthier North West London

We also held an event on Tuesday 20 February at the practice where we showed patients how to get online, and in particular how to order repeat prescriptions online. Here are some photos …